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Just an update on Mel’s Bettina Liano post – I found some pics of the new Bettina Liano collection. I too, found the collection on the boring side. I saw the cardigan with the sequins in the shop on Friday. Doesn’t look too bad. The cut is similar to another cardigan they had last season in the blue and white stripes. This cardigan is a bit thicker with more bling and comes with a greater price tag. Personally, I think her pricing has gone a bit crazy anyways. I’m also not happy with the fact that they won’t transfer stock unless you pay for it upfront!! Oh, and they don’t accept american express either!

Cardigan with sequins

Cardigan with sequins

I tried on the Brandy jeans too. It was a very loose fit. I am normally a size 26 in the O Jean legging and the Ace jeans but I was able to fit in a size 25 in these and it is still really loose. Another thing that also bothered me about these jeans were the length. It was super long! I mean how many of us have legs that go on forever?! It even looked long on the model so I kind of looked a bit ridiculous in it. Also, you can’t exactly have it shortened either because of the zipper. Although I do love love love the color. I think the color looks amazing especially when you match it with a white top.

Brandy - Blue Cloud Jeans

Brandy - Blue Cloud Jeans

Btw, what’s with that denim boob tube dress thing?! Something I definitely wouldn’t put on. Now that I’ve said that, it will probably end up being a sell out item! haha Also that top, what is up with the sleeves? She has got to give those sleeves a break – there are things going on everywhere!

Bettina Liano denim cropped pants

Bettina Liano Alexis Denim Vest


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