David Jones




I had the worst experience at David Jones today. I tried on a Zimmermann top about a week ago, paid for it and left. I realised a couple of days later there was a hole in the top where the security tag was. I went back today asking for a refund as it was damaged stock (they didn’t have another one either) and the lady was giving me such a hard time! She was accusing me of damaging the stock and then returning it! Yeah, somehow I managed to make a big hole where the security tag was!! Hello??!!! I actually liked the top too!! I had to see her stupid manager who gave me the same story and after giving me such a hard time when it was their stock that was faulty to begin with they decided to give me a refund out of “goodwill” WTH??!!!!!!! Seriously not happy. Also I bought something from lancome and they are currently having a gift set offer and guess what?? I came home and realised the eyeshadow was missing from the gift set! NEVER LEAVE THE SHOP WITHOUT CHECKING YOUR PRODUCT FIRST!!! I am going to boycott David Jones for now!


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