David Jones update and yesstyle.com

I know I know…I said I wanted to boycott David Jones…and yes it really did not last long at all. I was so in love with that Alex Perry one shoulder bow dress I decided to hunt it down last week. They told me it’s not out in Melbourne but they could call Sydney for me and of course it’s all sold out BUT there is one last size 6 …ON HOLD! I want it! I tried using my charms and the “I love the dress so much” line to get the dress but of course that didn’t work and was told to ring again the next day. I rang and it was GONE! GONE GONE GONE! Just great! Now I have to wait till October. Good. I will boycott them till October then. 

Mel introduced me to the world of yesstyle.com. Now I’m completely addicted. The fashion is mainly Asian i.e. japan, korea, hong kong etc. and might not be your cup of tea…and not really mine either. However, if you look carefully there are some pretty casual tops!


We both bought this top and it comes in 2 colors (ivory and navy):


Miss Alice ~AUD$46

I think this looks alright too – comes in white,red, navy and green;


ISumo ~AUD$26


ISumo ~AUD$26

ISumo ~AUD$26

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