Shakuhachi SS 09/10

I have been so good this season. Really proud of myself. I have not bought a single item from mycatwalk or at green with envy – my two fav shops! Frankly, I am rather disappointed with this season’s collection – even from my fav designers. Everything I’ve seen so far is either unwearable or just a bit strange. I absolutely adore sass and bide but their designs are starting to look rather repetitive and borderline unwearable. Oh, I’m not digging those weird looking snake skin rats or whatever they are even though I’m a big fan of their original rat pants. Also, what happened to Nicola Finetti? What is up with his dresses this season? They look so over the top with frills here and there – really don’t know what happened there.  Usually, I love Camilla and Marc but I haven’t bought a single item this season. Everything just looks like linen. They also used a bright red flower print for some pieces in their collection – absolute disaster in my opinion. Oh well, at least I can save money. Okay enough of that now. The best dress I’ve seen so far is that one shoulder Alex Perry dress, I’ve still got to hunt that down. I also saw some nice lace stuff from this season’s Shakuhachi. What do you think?


Lace top

Lace top - My FAV one - considering getting this, it would be so cute to wear in summer

Padded lace top

Padded lace top

Lace dress

Lace dress

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