Camilla and Marc – Daisy Frock

Okay, my “I have been so good, I haven’t bought anything for ages” line has officially come to an end. I have been so bad the past week! Mainly because I had a bad time at work and retail therapy really does work! First I blew some money on those Bec and Bridge tab pants and then on Friday I blew more money on a Camilla and Marc frock. It’s called the daisy frock – I think the name really suits the dress, it is very very pretty. BUT I don’t think it fits me properly. I bought it anyway. It felt good!

I got the dress in the 6 but the neckline is still extremely low. I find I have that problem with many C&M dresses. I think I would have to wear a singlet inside or get it altered somehow. It’s like a T/Racer back so it might be slightly challenging to alter. It is also quite short. I still love the dress nonetheless but no more plunging neckline please!! Meanwhile, I’ve been reading the Vogue forum and this Viola dress in Oyster appears to be quite popular. I saw it in GWE, Myer and Mycatwalk. Wayyyyy too big for me even in the 6 – I looked like I’m wearing a nightgown. 



Diasy Frock - Thanks to Pash.

Diasy Frock - Thanks to Pash.

C&M - Viola Frock

C&M - Viola Frock

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