Camilla and Marc – Gem Skirt

I know we have a million entries on Camilla and Marc already but I just can’t help it! I received a copy of the Green With Envy mag today and noticed they will be stocking the Gem Skirt by Camilla and Marc. Im currently on a shopping ban but but….I don’t care. The price is not too bad – $230, that’s like the price of a Satch skirt. There’s even an order form at the back of the magazine!! Free postage within Australia too! How can I say no? That’s it, putting my order through now!



Camilla and Marc - Gem Skirt

Camilla and Marc - Gem Skirt

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One Response to Camilla and Marc – Gem Skirt

  1. MelElle says:

    That’s cheaper than I expected for C&M. The Demi Silk Dupioni skirt that I bought from C&M was $345. So I expected this skirt to be around the same pricing range.

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