Hey Mel is this the Alice Mccall dress you bought from mycatwalk? Has it arrived yet? It looks gorgeous! It is selling out pretty fast too! 


This dress has completely sold out on My Catwalk.

I ordered a size 6 on  when the dress first became available. A week ago I was browsing through the site and there was only size 8 left. Now it has sold out completely.

This dress for me was love at first sight. At the moment I am into strapless and volumous skirts. So this dress is a perfect combination of  the two.

I think the sizing of this dress is on the small side. I would definitely recommend going up a size. Usually I have trouble fitting into size 6 especially around the waist; it’s quite big. However, this time it is extremely fitting. Also you won’t be able to wear a stick on bra because the cups are quite small and the dress fits snugly so it naturally acts as a push up bra.

Green with Envy does not stock this dress and they told me that they called Alice Mccall and they are completely sold out. David Jones doesn’t stock this style either.

If you like the dress, it is still available on in sizes 6-10. They charge a $24 postage fee.


Alice McCall

Alice Mccall


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  1. Mel says:

    Yes it is! I haven’t got it yet. Should have it in the next few days. I noticed that it was selling fast, when I bought it size 12 was already sold out. Then I had a look the other day and size 6 and 10 were sold out. I think only size 8 was left! It’s a pretty dress for summer.

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