Camilla and Marc – Savannah Frock

Every time I see a dress I like I have the dilemma of picking which color I like more! It is the hardest decision because I usually like both but buying a dress in two different colors?! Is that a little too much? During my recent trip to Green with Envy  Camilla and Marc did a recut of their last season’s Savannah frock. They had the black and the navy but I didn’t see the cream which was probably a good thing because otherwise I have to decide between 3 colors! I couldn’t decide between the black or the navy so I bought BOTH! OMG! Hmm..wonder what the cream would look like….


Savannah Frock in navy

Savnnah frock in navy




Savannah frock in cream

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One Response to Camilla and Marc – Savannah Frock

  1. Natalie says:

    can I purchase all the colors?

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