Chanel – Grand Shopping Tote

Lately I’ve been very addicted to The Hills – don’t ask me why. Heidi Montag is carrying chanel’s grand shopping tote and it looks ridiculously cute on her. The bag is quite big but it looks good on her even though she is so petite. One of my friends is going to paris. hmmmm…maybe….



Chanel - Grand shopping tote


Here’s some photos of the bag being worn:

Sofia Vergara

Nicky Hilton

I love the bag that Elle picked out. It’s a classic at Chanel; also comes in beige. In the current season this bag also comes in patent leather.

Another bag that I  like  is the Small Patent Calfskin Shopper with a large Chanel embedded signature and leather-interlaced chain, available in blue (shownbelow), in black/beige and red/pink.

Small Patent Calfskin Shopper

The sales assisant at Chanel told me that out of the lambskin, calfskin and patent leather bags; patent leather is probably the hardest to maintain. He mentioned that a girl bought a Chanel patent bag back once as she left her Chanel bag on a slightly moist/damp newspaper. When she took it off, the newspaper print was imprinted on her bag. I can imagine how devestated she would be because there is virtually no way of getting rid of the print.

Therefore,  if you do have a patent bag, best to store it in the dust bag when not in use. Personally I think it is too much maintainence for my liking. That’s not to say I am not careful with my bags but at the same time I still want to enjoy using them without worrying about them consstantly.

I think both bags are great for every-day use!

Out of the two bags above, I would probably prefer the Grand Shopping Tote in black with gold chains.



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