LV Monogram Vernis Wallets

I’ve had my eyes on the Louis Vuitton  Monogram Vernis wallets for a while. I don’t normally like LV but I love their wallets especially the patent leather ones.

I was choosing between the Sarah wallet and the Zippy wallet – both have 6 colour options.  Also I couldn’t decide on the colour that I wanted; rosewood, red or beige.

I ended up buying the Sarah wallet in rosewood. It’s practical; when you open the wallet you can have your most used cards at the front. I love the colour of the wallet; it’s quite unique! In comparison to the other colours, I thought the red was too bright and the beige I was afriad I will get it dirty within very little time of owning it. I know some people don’t like the patent leather because figureprints can show but I don’t mind. It’s not very obvious in my opinion.

My friend has the Zippy wallet in rosewood. Hers looks really nice too but I think the Sarah wallet is more me!


Sarah Wallet in rosewood

Sarah wallet in Amarante (rosewood)

Sarah Wallet inside

Sarah Wallet inside

Rose Florentin (beige)

Sarah wallet in Rose Florentin (beige)

Pomme D'Armour

Sarah wallet in Pomme D'Armour (red)

Zippy Wallet

Zippy Wallet

Zippy wallet Inside


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