Tiffany Keys – Heart

For Christmas my boyfriend gave me the Tiffany Keys heart key charm with a round diamond necklace. I love it so much!!

The key and the chain are sold separately.  I’m so glad he choose a ball chain rather than a normal chain. It’s something a bit different and it matches the key very well.

I wear the Heart key necklace with the T&C tear drop necklace which has a shorter chain in comparison. I think they look quite nice worn together.

I also like the hollow heart Heart key. I just like any jewllery which has love hearts!

But comparing the two I still like the one he bought better!


Tiffany Key Heart key - the one he bought me

The other one that I also like.

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One Response to Tiffany Keys – Heart

  1. unknowntheartist says:

    both are gorgeous but the filled out heart key is the better looking. Ball chain fits perfectly, I love Tiffanys!

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