Constantine Frock by Camilla and Marc

Okay, the only dress which remotely interests me from the Camilla and Marc Autumn / Winter Collection at the moment is the Constantine Frock. I think the model looks extremely sexy in the look book especially in the black. I know I am NOT allowed to buy another black dress. I already have so many listed on ebay for sale. When I tried this dress on, it literally felt like I was wearing a wetsuit. The material was thick and stiff. It was also tight and felt borderline uncomfortable. However, it did fit very well and the shape was very flattering. Some of my friends said it looked like bondage, some didn’t like the piping, some said the shoulder pads just didn’t do it for them. I don’t like shoulder pads either but I think the shoulder pads were quite discreet on this particular dress. I also tried on the Romeo frock in Myer the other day and the cut was VERY big. Unlike the Savannah frock which has the string to tighten the back, the Romeo Frock is just backless with nothing to really hold the shape in place except for a button in the neck area. I definitely preferred the Savannah. Anyways, still undecided about the Constantine especially since it’s $560! What do you think? Help me out!


screen-capture-44 by M Power.

Constantine Frock

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2 Responses to Constantine Frock by Camilla and Marc

  1. Laura says:

    I’ve only started reading your blog recently. Love it so far 🙂
    Wanted to leave some feedback on your dilemma. From what I read the dress sounds like a beautiful mix of 80’s and current trends. Love. But from the points you made, half of them seemed to be negative towards the dress. While you might have loved it, I say wait until you find something that fits your needs more. Or take one of your currently owned ones off ebay and see if you can make it into something else 🙂
    Good luck! I hope you post your results.

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