Chanel Temporary Tattoos

Peter Phillps, Global Creative Director for Chanel Makeup originally hand drawn 55 exclusive temporary tattoos for the Spring-Summer 2010 Fashion Show in Paris. The images comprises of Chanel symbols and icons such as oriental cherry blossoms and birds. These tattoos can be mixed and matched and used on various parts fo the body. It’s up to you; be creative. Here are  some examples below.

The limited edition Chanel Trompe-l’oeil tattoo set retail for $90 available at Myer Sydney Chanel make-up studio and Chanel Boutiques. Or they can be bought online at:’OEIL-DE-CHANEL-89753


Chanel - Temporary Tattoos

Used as necklaces

On the back of the leg!

Worn as bracelets

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One Response to Chanel Temporary Tattoos

  1. Niraj Gera says:

    Hey.. These temporary tattoo designs are awesome..I just love them . We can get such amazing water transfer tattoo design @ websites like &

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