Romance Was Born and Willow Dresses

The Romance Was Born dress caught my eye immediately when I saw it. The mini dress has intricate flower detailing made from large sequin discs and beading around the neck line. Through the body are small beaded flowers contrasting with the black silk dress.

Elle thought it looks like a bee hive; too busy especially at the top. I personally like the small flower details on the bottom but think the large flower around the chest area is very overwelming and not very flattering.

Extra Small  and Small sizes  are already sold out. Only 1 Medium size left at

Romance Was Born - Condolence Dress $849

I really love this stunning gold weave bustier dress from Willow. It has contours and side peplums creating a beautiful feminie shape which is very flattering to wear.

There is only 1 left in a size Small on

Willow - Panelled Corset Dress with Bind Detail $1,295

As seen on the runway

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