Ted Baker – Tiered Scallop Edge Dress

This dress is OLD. In fact it is last season. It is even on sale. 30% off! Bargain. I bought the dress in an instant for about 650 ringgit during my recent trip to Malaysia. Let’s see, that’s probably about AUD 230. I was even more elated when I came back to Australia and saw the price tag on this dress! It is $429 bux!! So, all I want to say about Ted Baker in Australia is that we are a season behind but we are paying double the price. I get the whole lower hemisphere thing but the simple fact is we are getting OLD stock and paying more for it. Even if i got the dress at full price in Malaysia it would still only be around AUD$350. Both countries import Ted Baker from the UK so why are we paying so much more?

Having said all that, I do love this dress and would have probably paid $429 for it if I did not see it in Malaysia.  It is the perfect dinner dress because you can eat as much as you want as it is not figure hugging. I usually team it up with an Alannah Hill cardigan which has a scallop pearl collar during the cooler winter months. Loving it.


Tiered Scallop Edge Dress

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