Camilla and Marc in David Jones – Timon Frock

It is official. David Jones now stocks Camilla and Marc. I guess I won’t be going to Myer anytime soon since all my favorite brands can now be found in DJs. Mel recently bought a silk draped frock with an elastic belt from C&M called the Timon Frock. It is available in navy and white. If anyone is interested DJs has it.



I bought this dress at the Camilla and Marc Boutique in Sydney. I was told that this dress isn’t in their lookbook incase you were wondering why you haven’t seen a photo of it before.

The dress looked really nice on the rack but then I saw it on the sales assistant and she looked great in it which spurred me to try it on. Then I was shown that it can be worn two ways which made it more appealing. The collar draped around the neck (see photo below) which covers the chest area because it’s quite low cut. The second way is to let the collar dangle. I prefer the first way because it’s more conservative.

Also the dress is actually longer but I have folder it up. I find that it’s a better length for me. It’s easy to fold up because it has an elastic waist band so that keeps it in place after you fold it.

It’s always nice to find a dress that is versatile. I feel with this dress I can dress it up with heels with/without stockings or wear it with flats/sandals for a more casual look. Also the colour helps with the versatility.

The dress looks great in real life, the photo doesn’t do it justice!

For more from the collection go to:


Timon frock - $640

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