Saying “I do” in Bollywood style

This is the third wedding I’ve attended in Malaysia over the past year and frankly I think I’m now over weddings. Especially asian weddings. Let me know whether you believe this scenario I’m about to tell you. You invite Mr and Mrs Nadarajah to your wedding and without telling you Mr and Mrs Nadarajah decides to bring their mother, their father, their 5 kids and their live-in maid to your wedding. My boyfriend’s seat and my seat were completely hijacked. Unbelievable. Absolutely unbelievable. It then became ‘free seating’ where I had to fend off another 500 Mr and Mrs Nadarajahs. Mind you, this wedding was held at one of the nicest hotels and nicest ballrooms in the whole of Kuala Lumpur and moreĀ than 600 people attended. For some, maybe it was for the free food.

Having said that, the bride looked absolutely amazing in her 6kg red lengha during the night of the reception. I am surprised she could even walk in it. I swear her dress was heavier than her! The dress was imported from India with every bead and every stone sewn individually by hand. Amazing.

6kg Red Lengha

She wore a beautiful two piece silver dress for her traditional malay wedding ceremony.

Silver two piece dress


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