Graduation Ceremony

My man is graduating from his Masters degree at UNSW next week. We will all be going up to Sydney to attend his graduation ceremony and visit Perisher for a bit of skiing at the same time. I’ve got my skiing gear ready to go but what exactly is considered appropriate attire for a graduation ceremony? I just realised that my wardrobe has become more and more indecent of recent times but it’s not my fault! It’s the designers fault for making shorter and shorter dresses! I must say 8 out of 10 of my dresses are borderline indecently short. I don’t know what Sydney weather is like but Melbourne weather is like Antarctica lately. I really do not want to freeze in my dress!! I was thinking of wearing the Alex Perry one shoulder bow dress but it might be too short. I haven’t worn this dress even once since I bought it. The Ted Baker Tiered Edge Scallop dress is also in contention. Otherwise I might just stick to my navy blue Tunic Dress from Saba which I’ve worn a billion times already. What do you think?


Suzie Dress by Alex Perry (one shoulder bow dress)

Suzie Dress by Alex Perry (one shoulder bow dress)

Ted Baker Scallop Tiered Edge Dress

A very bad photo of my navy blue Saba Tunic Dress

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3 Responses to Graduation Ceremony

  1. Kate says:

    Definitely the Ted Baker with black tights and black blazer

  2. MelElle says:

    Kate, that is a fantastic idea! I recently bought some Zara blazers in Singapore and I’m sure it will go with the Ted Baker dress! Now I won’t have to freeze or look indecent! Thanks! =)

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