Tried and Concluded…

Recently I went on a shopping trip to try a few of the items that I have blogged about in the past months in real life and here’s what I bought and put back on the rack:

1 Alannah Hill Cardigan – BOUGHT

I’ve seen this cardigan many time at Alannah Hill but each time I would look at it and put it back on the rack with out trying it on. The cardigan is a blend of Cashmere, Angora, Lambswool amongst others. I was worried that it would start to ball after a few wears. However, Elle and a couple of my other friends have bought this cardigan and mentioned to me that the cardigan remains in good condition after many wears which reassured me. Guess it’s not such a bad thing I didn’t buy this cardigan earlier, because now it has been reduced from $219 to $149. I couldn’t help it to finally try it on and I loved it straight away. That’s one item bought for the day.

Alannah Hill "She Wears PEarls! Cardi" in black $219 down to $149

2 Red Nail Polish – BOUGHT

There is one nail polish colour that I have seen many times over on Olivia Palermo which is a bright coral red. After a little investigation, I found out it was from Essie in Lollipop. Because Essie is not sold in Australia, I wanted to find a colour equivalent so I looked to OPI. I couldn’t believe my luck, I found exactly the same colour (as far as my eyes can see) from OPI in Red My Fortune Cookie which is part of the Hong Kong collection. This colour goes very well with all my Alannah Hill outfits!

Olivia Palermo and Essie Lollipop Nails

OPI Red My Fortune Cookie

 3 Alice McCall Skirt – BACK ONTO THE RACK

I liked this skirt initially because it’s simple and had a bit of volume. I tried this on at Green With Envy in a size 6. My initial concern was that it may sit at a funny height on my waist but in actual fact it fitted perfectly on my waist as a high-waisted skirt (usually I have trouble finding skirt that fit waist-wise). I was quite happy about that until I saw the reflection in the mirror. The skirt looked very unflattering on me and it was more voluminous than I imagined. The length was just above my knees. To be honest I felt a bit daggy in it. Maybe if it was worn with a really tight singlet, it would take away some of the bulk. I put it back onto the rack.

Alice McCall Little Light Of Mine Skirt $239

 4 Seafolly Bikinis – BOUGHT 1 out of 2

As you have read in previous posts, I love Seafolly bikinis. I already have 4 sets from Seafolly but I couldn’t help but visit Seafolly again this season after I saw the catalogue. The bikini that caught my eye straight away was the “ShimmerSeps” in coral red. The colour just pops and I love the ruffle all over the bikini top. It reminds me of a mermaid. This bikini top does not have any padding what so ever. But after trying it on, I realised that the ruffle compensated for the non-padding because it gave the illusion of being fuller. I can’t wait to wear it this summer!

Seafolly "ShimmerSeps" Bikini

This was another bikini I saw in the catalogue that I liked. It was the floral and ruffles that attracted me. However, after trying it on I felt that the print was too overwhelming and looked kind of granny-like. But I do like the fact that this one comes with a little bit of padding. It has an opening where you can take the padding out or put more in yourself. I wish all bikinis are designed like this. That way you can decide how much or little padding you want based on your preference rather than being dictated by the designer.

Seafolly Bikini

5 Zimmermann Bikini – BACK ONTO THE RACK

I loved this bikini initially because of the seashell-like cups and floral print. After closer inspection in real life which you cannot see from the photo, the bikini bottoms are actually lacey and the top comes with detachable straps. After trying it on at Green With Envy, I found that the cups did not fit very well and the bottoms although lacey was quite plain because you can only see the lace close up.

Zimmermann Floral Ebony Rose Underwire Bikini $250

6 MAC Lipstick – BOUGHT

I was invited to a friend’s dress up party where I decided to dress up as a nurse. My outfit was bought from Bras n Things; the colour was mostly white and red. So I wanted to buy a red lipstick to match. I found the most beautiful red lipstick from Mac in Russion Red in Matte. It’s a blue red. I think blue red lipsticks also make your teeth look whiter. I bought it straight away without even trying another two red which I had picked out also.

Used in Giorgio Armani Fall 2009

MAC Russion Red in Matte

7 Alannah Hill Blouse – BOUGHT

I saw this top when I was holidaying in Sydney. My first thought was the cut looked like it was on the big side so I thought it may be very loose and unfitting. However, when I came back to Melbourne, I saw it again. I really love the design and colour so I thought I might try it on anyways and see how big it really was. It was loose but not as I imagined. It looked great with a high-waisted skirt because when tucked in it gives the top more shape. If you find it too loose, I think it’s ok to even go down a size from normal.

Alannah Hill Cry to Daddy Blouse in Cream

8 Zimmermann Dress – UNDECIDED

I first saw this dress online from I loved the rosewater colour and the rouched design but without the sleeves. I feel like they look as if they were stitched on as an after thought. I would preferred it if it was a boobtube dress. I tried this on at Green With Envy. They only had a size 1 left but I gave it a go anyways. It was a bit loose and the cups were too big for me. But according to the sale assistant, the cups were on the big side. I think if I tried on a size 0 it may be a bit tighter and shorter. I’m undecided on this one for now.

Zimmermann Vanishing Rouched Mini $350


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