Shoes x 3

Recently I bought 3 pairs of shoes. 1 from Tony Bianco and 2 from Aldo. 

Tony Bianco - Sardi in Mid Brown $149.95

I thought these wedges will go really well with shorts in summer or a plain black dress! 

Aldo - Stalcup $139.95

This is from Aldo’s current collection. I thought the cut of the shoes were very interesting. Originally I wanted it in black but after trying it on, it looks much better in the cream. Plus black looked very winter-like. Since summer is approaching, I thought I would wear the cream coloured pair more often in the coming months. 

Aldo - Atlantic City in patent cream; reduced from $199.95 to $99.90

These were love at first sight. I can imagine this pair of shoes matching a lot of my cocktail dresses as I love cream coloured clothing. This is on sale at the moment so I was surprised they had it in my size. I think it’s very worth it considering it’s very well made and has a leather sole and insoles. 

In terms of design this pair of shoes look very similar to Peep Toe shoes except I only paid less than half of the price. 

Can’t wait to wear all these! Summer, where are you? 


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