Shakuhachi Spring/Summer 10/11 – Day Tripper Lace Shoulder Dress

Wow! That was disappointing. I’m so so disappointed with the dress I pre-ordered and waited 2 months for from Shakuhachi. The anticipation and the excitement completely died when I opened the package to my Day Tripper Lace Shoulder Dress. The color, first of all, was dead. It was like looking at something that was about to rot. The material also felt like it was of poor quality, and the cutting of the dress made me look short and stumpy. Not flattering at all. Of course, this is just my personal opinion. It could be my body shape that just didn’t suit the style of the dress. In the look book however, I thought it looked rather amazing on the model. But then again, what wouldn’t look good on models right? What do you think?


Shakuhachi - Day Tripper Lace Shoulder Dress

Shakuhachi - my terrible impersonation of the model above!

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5 Responses to Shakuhachi Spring/Summer 10/11 – Day Tripper Lace Shoulder Dress

  1. Jersey girl says:

    I’m not sure what camera/settings the photos were taken with, but they do look markedly different. It doesn’t look too bad on you but I agree – not as lively as the one on the model!

  2. firesuite says:

    Same boat as you – mine took ages to arrive, then I took it out of the parcel and was pretty disappointed. The fabric is definitely a different colour and the print looks a lot more vibrant. They either did some Photoshop on the model’s version or the re-cuts were totally different. Looks good on you though, it’s too huge on me!

  3. MelElle says:

    Hi firesuite,
    Definitely. I know what u mean. I loved the whole collection when I saw it in the lookbook but it’s a different story when I see it in real life! Oh and material is bad quality!

  4. poppy51 says:

    I absolutely wanted this dress but didn’t know where to find it in france…. Now that i see the one you receive, i must say i’m gonna think about it, it’s so different !

    • MelElle says:

      I was so excited when I saw this dress in the lookbook but the dress in real life is so different. I didn’t like the color and the cutting of the dress just did not suit my body shape at all!!

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