Camilla & Marc – Tea Frock

I have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Camilla and Marc Tea Frock. It looks beautiful on the model. It finally arrived last week. I was so excited to try it on. 

When I opened the package, the material did not look like what I thought it would be like from looking at the photo. The colour is closer to a brown and with tiny spots rather than a plain nude coloured dress. 

When I put on the dress, because of the stretchy material it fitted well but the mesh part on the arm and chest area did not. It was loose so it did not look as good. I also felt the colour of the dress washed me out. 

Although this dress does look nice in photos; probably looks better than in real life even. 

I just think if I am going to pay $550 for a dress I want to completely happy with it and feel great in it! 

What do you think? Keep or let go? 


As seen on the model


The dress on me and my very bad impersonation of the model's pose.


Close up of material. This is more like the actual colour in real life.

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2 Responses to Camilla & Marc – Tea Frock

  1. Kate says:

    send back! it is of poor quality… if you have to keep, cut off the mesh, make into a strapless dress, then add statement belt (colour or embellishment) to give it a bit of much needed colour!

  2. MelElle says:

    You are right! It definitely is in need of some color. I’ve emailed myCatwalk to have the dress sent back. The material looks like it will peel or ball after a couple of wears and is simply not worth the price tag!

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