Shakuhachi – Bandage Off Shoulder Dress

When I first saw the Shakuhachi bandage off the shoulder dress in blush and black in the photos on the model I loved it straight away. I pre-ordered it immediately.

After weeks of waiting it finally arrived. The first thing I noticed was that the colour of the dress was not blush/pink as portrayed in the photo on the model. I was disappointed that it was more like a nude colour; similar to skin colour.

Also to my surprise,  the whole dress is mesh material. However, from the photo on the model the ‘blush’ part of the dress looked like it was made from a different material to the black part of the dress from my perspective.

It also did not fit as well around the hips area because parts of the bandage were loose so it looked a bit scrunched. I think I need wider hips to stretch it out more.  Also I found the off the shoulder part did not stay very well and I couldn’t move the arms as freely.

If I was going  to pay $320 for a dress I want to feel comfortable in it. And because I wasn’t and picking faults at it I knew I wouldn’t wear it more than once. Or even never. So I decided to return it.

Do you think I made the right choice?


The bandage dress on the model. Notice the colour of the dress looks pink.

Me wearing the Bandage Off Shoulder Dress

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14 Responses to Shakuhachi – Bandage Off Shoulder Dress

  1. Kate says:

    The fit is ok, it’s the colour that isn’t good… send back!

  2. Melelle says:

    I’m going to send it back for sure! It looks nothing like the colour in the photo! It seems like it’s made out of a different material altogether!

  3. Melelle says:

    I don’t think it’s my camera flash making it look wierd either. I think it’s a fairly good representation of the colour in real life.

  4. Taylor says:

    I still love this dress but it is out of stock so i would buy it off you! ha

  5. MelElle says:

    Hi Taylor,

    Unfortunately I have returned the dress already or else would have been happy to sell it to you. I bought it from In my experience, they usually repost the returned items that were previously sold out. So keep an eye on in the next few days because I only returned it very recently.

    Good luck!


  6. suzy says:

    Mmmmmm,maybe its the colour,but its dose not complement her at all,and the class just isnt there,well im not a fashion designer but the coments say it all SHABBY.

  7. Revie de la Croix says:

    I fell in love with this dress straight away also.
    I find a lot of the Shakuhachi items seem so different because of the model. I have a more athletic figure then a stick figure and although I agree on the colour the fit was firm and comfortable for me? Ive just ordered some shorts and a top from them so fingers crossed!

  8. Gracie says:

    Hi Taylor,

    I actually have this dress and want to sell it. It’s too big for me.

    Let me know if you are interested.


  9. AN says:

    Hi, i was wondering does the dress hug your body tightly? because on the model it looks quiet thick and not as hugging as body con dresses, what size did you get?

  10. tess says:

    thank u for writing abou this i was trying to decide weather to get black or blush bit after seeing the colour is different in real life im about to buy the black version of this dress but am not sure about size…. im usually an 8 and sometimes a 6, im not sure if i should get a 6 or 8, did you find the sizing quite big or small?

  11. Taylor says:

    I actually like the dress better on you! Hah. I think it looks good,.

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