Diana Ferrari – SuperSoft

I’ve always thought Diana Ferrari shoes were akin to Tods bags. Pratical. Longlasting. Comfortable. How wrong was I. These ‘Supersoft’ shoes should be renamed to “Superhard”. I am still getting blisters after 6 months wear. The thread of the shoes are also coming loose. Just when I thought I could always depend on a pair of Diana Ferrari just like I can depend on Tods.



Diana Ferrari - SuperSoft shoes that aren't so soft



Botany Bay - Sydney


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4 Responses to Diana Ferrari – SuperSoft

  1. Annie says:

    Hi, this happened to me also, I had a previous pair which were perfect and I could wear all day long whilst I stood for 8 hrs at work. The second pair I pucrahsed , were harder than a $20 pair of cheapies, there was no soft lining inside! They exchanged them , however, they weren’t happy about it, told me they were fine, I showed them the inside and compared to another pair.

    • MelElle says:

      Hi Annie,
      Same here..it is just really dissapointing! It was good they let you return yours and so they should because it doesn’t serve its purpose!

  2. Kimbers says:

    I bought some the other day from MYER. I wore them to work yesterday, bit tight but so were my old comfortable pair. I now have blisters on my feet…they were NOT soft…and now I am back to wearing my half broken pair to work. I need to wait until the blisters are gone and try to wear them in a bit more. Grr.

    • MelElle says:

      I have resorted to throwing those shoes away. It is simply NOT worth it. I have a permanent blister on my big toe because of it!

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