Stella McCartney designer for Target 2010


Some of you may remember from experience or seen on the news when Stella McCartney’s first collection for Target resulted in long queues, crowds and stripping clothes off mannequins. Now Stella McCartney has come back with a new collection which was  launched on Friday 29th October.

This time round, I didn’t feel it was as much of a buying frenzy as last. I managed to get the pieces I liked.

I bought the tulip skirt in navy, ivory and felicia. Last time I heard many feedback about how the sizing runs on the large side. However, this time I found the clothes ran on the small side. The waist fitted me perfectly and I love the cut of the skirt. I just couldn’t resist buying them in 3 colours.

I also tried on the lace tee shirt but I thought the size 6 was a bit tight around the chest area and shoulders but size 8 was very loose. I bought the tee in black and white initially but decided to return it. I did keep the lace top in french blue with v neck.

I also tried on the tight lace insert trouser in black. It fitted, however, the mesh material ran all the way down on the side of  the pants. You would have to wear black underwear as it is see through on the side. I decided that I wouldn’t have many occasions to wear it and put it back on the rack.

All the garments had a price tag of under $300.

Boutique treatment were given with the purchases being wrapped before being place in Stella shopping bags; definitely a step up from the usual Target plastic bags.

What do you think of the collection?


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