My Mulberry Alexa has arrived!!

I have finally received my Mulberry Alexa bag from Net-a-Porter!! I’ve never seen the bag in real life so I don’t really know the weight or the size of the bag before I bought it. I’ve come to the realization that I need a bag that’s on the light side as my bags are giving me headaches. Usually when I see a bag I love I get so carried away with it and tend to forget about everything else e.g.

1. Marc Jacobs Stam Bag – It has a long gold chain that weighs a ton

2. Chloe Paddington Bag – It has a useless lock which does nothing that weighs a ton

3. Alexander Wang Rocco – It has a thousand gold studs at the bottom of the bag which I absolutely love but seriously also weighs a thousand pounds

So, I think I’ve learnt my lesson – from now on – only lightweight bags – no more heavy goldware or chains. I’ve seen the oversized Alexa in Sydney and thought that it was too big and a tad heavy for me. Seriously, the bigger the bag, the more junk you would put in it and it is just not worth carrying all those junk around!

When I opened the beautifully wrapped Net-a-Porter box the Alexa is a perfect size. The weight can be slightly lighter BUT – I can deal with that. I love the plaited detail on the handle and also the little gold tag inside the bag. Having said all that, I do find opening the bag slightly annoying because of the two flaps..BUT of course.. I can deal with that too. Oh well, as long as it looks good – I mean, that’s all that matters right?



Dust Bag


Little gold tag inside the bag

Plaited Handles

My friend's new Mulberry!

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