Alannah Hill – Little Scorched Almond Frock

The Alannah Hill “Little Scorched Almond Frock” was love at first sight.

The colour combination caught my eyes straight away. And did I mention the ruffles. The material of this dress is comparable to the “Twinkle in the Eye Frock” so I thought it would be of a similar fit as well. When I tried it on, to my surprise it was much more fitting. It doesn’t hug your body but falls beautifully down the length of the body. It definitely runs true to size.

Without a belt, the dress falls around my knees (I’m 5’4′). Because I am quite petite I like it wear my dresses a bit higher above my knees for the illusion of extra height. I chose the pink bow belt with tie back from the current collection to match the dress. In this instance I prefer a thicker belt because it is easier to tuck the dress up into the belt. Also a tie back gives you the flexibility of tieing it as tight or loose as you want.

The straps on the dress are a bit long so it does tend to fall down. It’s best to either get it taken up or tape/pin it to your bra when you wear it.

In this instance, I paired the dress with Tony Bianco pink heels. In colder weather, I would style it with black opaque stockings, black belt and black heels.

Alannah Hill Little Scorched Almond Frock can be purchased here.

Alannah Hill Paper Heart Girl Belt can be purchased here.


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