J Brand – Houlihan Twill Cargo Pants

Cargo pants are not really my thing. I’ve always opted for dressier skinny jeans or leggings until I tried a pair of J Brand Houlihan Cargo Pants in Sydney. They are the most comfortable pair of pants ever! As much as I like being dressy, I also love comfort. So I’ve added a pair of the Houlihan to my cart at Shopbop. Two months later, they’re still in my cart. I just can’t justify paying $240 for a pair of pants that I might regret later as they’re not something I normally wear.

J Brand Houlihan Twill Cargo Pants

Leighton Meester

Jessica Alba

So I searched for alternatives and this was what I found:

Witchery Skinny Pocket Cargo Pant

Whilst these pants looked ah-mazing on the sales assistant, they looked absolutely HORRIBLE on me! They were slightly loose around the hip area but really tight around the legs on me. They were also really long and as there is a zip at the bottom of the pants it’s impossible to alter the pants to make them shorter. The material also felt rather stiff and hard.

Witchery Skinny Pocket Cargo Pant

Saba Cargo Pocket Jean

These pants fitted me perfectly. Material was softer. The cut was nicer. Perfect length on me. Not as comfortable as the J Brand ones and I’ve also been warned that they do stretch up a size. Oh well, they will do. I bought them but with a discount of course.

Saba Cargo Pocket Jean



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