Mango – Leopard Print Leo Skirt

I’ve never been absolutely comfortable with leopard prints. If not worn properly, they can look rather tacky. Lately, I’m seeing leopard prints everywhere! I think it’s time I give it a shot! Olivia Palermo wore what looked like a gorgeous leopard print dress at a Mango show recently but was in fact a 2 piece Mango leopard print top and skirt. I bought the skirt but am not ready for the top yet! What do you think?

MNG leopard print Leo skirt can be purchased here.

MNG leopard print Leo top can be purchased here.


Olivia Palermo at the Mango Show

MNG Leo Skirt


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2 Responses to Mango – Leopard Print Leo Skirt

  1. MaddieBaddie says:

    i am also not convinced about leopard…my hubbie asked if i wanted the lv leopard scarf and i said no….!!(what was i thinking?)… but i do like olivia’s outfit, perhaps the material makes it less tacky, and accessories and cut of fabric. anyway your pic – good baby steps, i think you could go all out…maybe not to work though. maybe out to cocktails with girls? or lunch/dinner?
    ps – i like your blog…and thought i better comment for once!

    • MelElle says:

      Hi MaddieBaddie,
      On the same boat with you, not totally convinced with leopard prints but how could you say no to an LV scarf?!! I would take it in ANY print!! =)
      The color of this MNG skirt is actually a duller shade and not as bright as most leopard prints so it makes it more bearable. Agree, probably not to work but definitely night out with the girls! Thanks for reading our blog =)

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