Bettina Liano – Onassis Skirt

I recently bought the Onassis 50’s inspired circle skirt silhouette with a dainty waist bow detail from Bettina Liano. I have been looking for a comfortable high waisted skirt of this design for the longest time. I had difficulty deciding on this Onassis skirt and the Femme skirt which was a beautiful embossed jacquand fabric which gave the material more of a shine and it poofed out more. However, in the end I decided on the Onassis skirt for its versatility. This skirt goes with just about any of my tops. It doesn’t over power what I’m wearing on top; rather it compliments.

Elle also tried on the dress version of my skirt in navy. It looked beautiful on her but it came with a hefty price tag of ~$500 for such a simple design.  In the end she couldn’t justify spending that much on such a simple dress.

Bettinal Liano Femme skirt can be purchased here

DVF booties can be purchased here


Bettina Liano skirt worn with Alannah Hill cardigan paired with DVF booties

Close up of the Bettina Liano skirt

Alannah Hill Fibbing All Day Cardigan

Tights with DVF booties

Side view of the DVF booties

LMFF Bettina Liano Onassis Skirt

LMFF Bettina Liano Femme Skirt

Bettina Liano Femme Skirt

LMFF The Bettina Liano dress Elle tried on in navy

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One Response to Bettina Liano – Onassis Skirt

  1. We think the skirt looks gorgeous on you! Love, Team BL

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