Mulberry – Tillie textured-leather shoulder bag

Sorry girls for not updating more often but I promise I will keep the posts coming! Anyways, just thought I would update you on my Mulberry Alexa Bag. I bought the bag in February from Net a Porter and after only using it for 2 months the leather on the handle broke! I was so disappointed at the bad quality of the bag! I can’t believe it broke but I guess these things do happen. I have the worse luck!

So I emailed Net a porter about the bag and they were very reluctant to give me a replacement. They wanted to repair the bag. There was no way I would accept a repaired bag after only using it for 2 months! Plus, how can you repair leather that has torn apart?! I started looking up their policy and it says the warranty lasts up to 6 months whilst the tag that came with the bag says Mulberry gives up to 12 months warranty. I decided to give the Mulberry store in Sydney a call and they told me that they won’t accept any responsibility for goods bought on net a porter, basically saying the warranty with Mulberry is void if you purchase from Net a porter. They also said the goods may be factory seconds!!!

At this stage I was furious, I had to take photos to send to Net a porter, argue with their customer representative and I seem to get a different person every time, dig out the box it came in which I misplaced somewhere, book an appointment with DHL to pick up the bag – I am now truely over this stupid bag.

Finally, after kicking up a fuss and a 2 month wait they decided to give me a credit note! This experience truly puts me off buying anything from Net a Porter again!

Anyways I used the credit note on the Tillie. I didn’t realise how sparkly the leather was until I saw it in real life. Not sure about the bag at all but cannot be bothered exchanging it for something else! At least it is growing on me…and oh, by the way the bag stains real easily!


Mulberry - Tillie textured-leather shoulder bag

Net a Porter

Olivia Palermo

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